“Inspiration, motivation, and knowledge inevitably create opportunities”.

The GVA E-LEARNING platform was developed to effectively stimulate interest in our clients from the tourism trade and media professionals in Brazil. We believe passion moves us and we cannot truly instruct/influence someone without getting them fully and deeply involved. Aiming to continuously “cultivate knowledge”, the platform will be used to constantly inspire our audience with captivating content that goes well beyond basic travel information through a practical, clear, and easily accessible format that has numerous features and options for innovation and constant improvement.

GVA E-LEARNING is a platform that provides our clients with the following benefits:

• High productivity by reaching out to more travel professionals in much less time and with considerably less money;

• Effective communication, as it is an alternative channel to inform and strengthen relationships with travel professionals from all over Brazil;

• Easy maintenance that allows quick and constant updates of contents;

• Access to personalized market intelligence through reports that include qualified and detailed information on the profile and interest from all participants in the courses.

GVA E-LEARNING services include market research and strategic planning, content development and translation, courses administration and promotion, pursue of special partnerships, CRM, and reporting.