GVA TRAVEL provides tailored projects and/or customized representation services to travel-related business, entities, and associations looking to establish and/or increase their presence and performance in the Brazilian market.

With the rapid growth of the travel and tourism industry, it is essential for all organizations taking part in this sector to prioritize strategic and real-time planning followed by constant sharing of information and feedback to be effective.

GVA TRAVEL strategic thinking revolves around a deep understanding of our region and its specifications, possibilities and limitations; the travel industry and inside players; and the business of our clients and their goals and expectations for this market.

GVA TRAVEL deliberately and positively works with our clients to gain momentum and grow their market share from this region through a complete range of services including the following:

1.Strategic marketing counsel on methods
to effectively reach targeted audiences:

• Market intelligence, reporting and market strategy development and implementation;

• CRM/database development, management and analysis;

• Monthly and annual reports with activities and performance details and updates;

• Translation services for speeches and presentations as required;

• Crisis communications counsel/representation.

2.Networking and relationship building with
the trade (LEISURE & MICE):

• Full support to travel professionals – product development and staff training;

• Management of the online and offline training system;

• Advance work and on-site staffing by one GVA representative in FAM trips;

• Advance work, organization and on-site representation at travel/trade shows and events;

• Advance work, organization and on-site representation at road shows;

3.Networking and relationship
building with the media:

• Advance work and on-site staffing by one GVA representative in PRESS trips;

• Advance work, organization and on-site representation at all media events;

• Pursuit of opportunities to increase media exposure (Film, TV, Radio, Print);

• Complete media relations services (press releases, e-newsletters, clippings, etc.);

4.Development of one-to-one relationship
with the consumer:

• Implement precise web-oriented strategies;

• Secure extensive social media presence – aggressive local social media campaign;

• Define co-op activities with the trade – call to action for the consumers;

• Utilize market trends to constantly maintain and raise consumer interest

5.Seek partnerships and/or
sponsorships opportunities:

Commitment to do our utmost to search out partnerships and/or sponsorships opportunities to maximize our client´s budget and return on investment.